Combined, we spent over three decades in your shoes—working in a variety of roles and organizations. Most of those years were focused on developing leaders and teams at Hewlett Packard and The Boeing Company. Developing leaders and teams is still our passion. Our purpose, however, has grown—we feel inspired to take what we've learned and share it with as many organizations, leaders, and teams as possible. So we left our comfortable corporate jobs and are wholeheartedly following our passion and purpose.




We are on a mission to transform the way people feel about work and the way work thinks about people.



We believe people strategy connects directly to business results. Great leaders inspire engaged employees. Engaged employees create high–performing teams. High–performing teams drive strong business performance. And strong business performance attracts great leaders and employees.



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Steve Robertson, Ph.D.

Principal + cofounder

Steve is a leadership and organizational development trainer, consultant, and coach who helps leaders unleash the full potential of their people to deliver extraordinary results. Before shifting to consulting in 2017, Steve led a global leadership and organizational development program at Hewlett-Packard where he oversaw the development and delivery of more than 250 programs that transformed the culture and improved employee engagement, capabilities, and performance across the organization. Steve brings more than 20 years of leadership experience from a variety of organizations and industries including technology, supply chain, law, K-12 education, venture backed start-up, and non-profits. 

In addition to his client work, Steve is an adjunct instructor at Boise State University where he teaches leadership in its College of Innovation+Design and College of Engineering. He also serves on the board for the Professional Coaching Association of Idaho, the Idaho Academy of Leadership for Lawyers, and as a leadership resource for Leadership Boise. He earned a Ph.D. in Education Leadership from the University of Idaho, a J.D. from Santa Clara University’s School of Law, and a history degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Steve loves living in Idaho with his wife, Susan, and their three kids, two dogs, and one horse.

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Abbey Louie

Principal + cofounder

With over a decade in employee development at The Boeing Company, Abbey has extensive experience managing leadership programs, helping teams work together more effectively, developing and executing enterprise-wide talent management strategies, designing training curriculum, and providing one-on-one coaching. She pairs this Fortune 50 experience with a data-driven, yet highly relational approach and a passion for helping others grow in their ability to better lead and serve those around them.

In addition to her work through Louie Robertson, Abbey is a co-founder of Next Level Women Leaders, a leadership platform training program for emerging and established women leaders across industries. She also serves as an adjunct instructor at Boise State University where she teaches leadership in the College of Engineering. Abbey calls Boise, Idaho home, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.



Dana Menlove

Executive coach, experience designer + facilitator

Dana is dedicated to cultivating communities of conscious, change-making leaders. Her focus is at the intersection of purpose and high performance, supporting and challenging leaders to serve with excellence even and especially in critical, uncertain conditions. Dana specializes in the clearer mind, authentic presence, and deepening awareness, compassion, and trust. She works with executives and leadership teams in myriad sectors from high-tech and social enterprise to manufacturing and medicine. In addition to serving clients, Dana leads retreats in wilderness and teaches a leadership course in the College of Innovation + Design at Boise State University. She thrives and is most at home in the wild mountains and rivers of Idaho and Argentina.