The quality of your organization’s managers makes all the difference.

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Although most organizations understand the importance of developing their managers, many lack the internal resources or expertise to do it well.


Are your managers equipped to truly lead? If not, is your organization prepared to close those gaps?


You don’t have to do it on your own.

We can help you unleash the full potential of your managers and their teams … just imagine what they can accomplish for your organization when they finally receive the development you know they need.

Leadership Excellence™ delivers proven, engaging, and high-impact leadership development for people managers of any experience level.

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What’s included?

  • Pre–program planning: collect feedback from sponsors and participants to tailor program to the organization’s strategic objectives, values, and culture

  • Eight group workshops (3 hours each)

  • Two individual coaching sessions (30 minutes each)

  • Two small group coaching sessions (60 minutes each, maximum 5 people per group)

  • Leadership behavioral assessment

  • Customized self-assessments, before and after program

  • Individualized development plans


Who is it for?

People managers with direct supervisory responsibilities.

Can I customize for my group?

Absolutely. The current program design covers a comprehensive blend of leadership essentials, delivered in a strategic sequence; however, we teach and coach on many other topics and are always happy to customize content and design to ensure maximum impact. Contact us to discuss.


Just a few of the organizations developing their leaders with Leadership Excellence™ include:


Interested in registering yourself or just a few managers, rather than a full group? Open enrollment programs will be available soon. Join the waitlist to gain first access to registration.


"Of all the training I've gone through – and I've been through a lot – this feels the most personal and impactful."

T. Reyes, Manager, Create Common Good

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Program Timeline


The program runs approximately five months with three weeks in between workshops to focus on individual development goals and practice applying new skills and tools.


A dynamic learning experience that inspires lasting impact


Workshop Descriptions

Each 3-hour workshop includes an engaging blend of lecture, experiential learning activities, group discussion, self-reflection, and focused goal-setting.



Workshop 1: The leadership challenge

Leading and managing well has never been more important or more challenging. This workshop lays the foundation as participants explore the behaviors and mindsets that distinguish exceptional leader-managers, define the crucial similarities and differences between leadership and management, and learn the Five Jobs of a Leader™.

Workshop 2: Developing your leadership core

Leadership effectiveness, influence, and impact begin with self-awareness. Through an introduction to emotional intelligence and a deep-dive into their unique leadership behavioral style, participants increase self-awareness and gain powerful insights about leading themselves and others.

Workshop 3: Delivering exceptional results through one’s team

Delivering consistently strong results through one’s team is the leader-manager’s most important responsibility, and often a source of great frustration for newer and seasoned managers alike. Participants will learn the Five Alignments™ framework – the five essential things every employee and team need to succeed – and how to use this framework to troubleshoot performance issues and successfully launch new initiatives. They’ll also learn how to leverage recent discoveries in neuroscience to create and maintain a high engagement and performance climate by Leading with the Brain in Mind™.

Workshop 4: Essential tools of the trade

One size does not fit all when it comes to leading people. The leader-manager’s ability to read a situation and adapt their approach based on employee needs is a critical skill. Participants will learn practical frameworks and models to help them master this advanced leadership move. They’ll also learn how to help employees gain focus and prioritize effectively using the Task Prioritization Tool™. With new practical tools and frameworks added to their skillset, they’ll leave prepared to increase their influence and strengthen employee engagement and performance.

Workshop 5: Stress-free employee ownership and accountability

It’s well-known that fostering employee ownership leads to higher levels of engagement, commitment, and results. Yet this is often easier said than done, and when done poorly can be a source of stress for the manager and employee. Building on core principles from prior workshops, participants will learn the Stress-Free Accountability™ framework, a simple and repeatable approach to increase employee ownership, motivation, and accountability while minimizing stress and maximizing performance and results.

Workshop 6: Giving feedback that works

Providing timely and effective feedback – both positive and constructive – is an essential leader-manager skill that strengthens relationships, increases engagement, and transforms performance. Yet many people managers fail to deliver feedback when they should, or deliver it poorly, leading to lower levels of engagement and performance. Participants will learn how to deliver positive feedback in a way that’s meaningful to the recipient and how to address poor performance through constructive feedback and coaching using the Constructive Conversations for Managers™ framework.

Workshop 7: Leading through yet another change

As the pace and complexity around us increases, change has become the new normal for many organizations. Yet we know that change can be difficult for many employees, and leading their teams through change is one of the modern leader-manager’s greatest challenges and sources of frustration. Participants will learn why leading through change is hard, how to make it easier and less stressful, and how to help their employees get realigned and re-committed to the broader mission, vision, and their individual work more quickly and with greater impact.

Workshop 8: Developing an enduring leadership philosophy

People trust leaders who are grounded, authentic, and consistent. In this final, capstone workshop, participants will explore their values, beliefs, and experiences to develop their own personal leadership philosophy. This philosophy will serve as their guide, keep them grounded, and enable others to understand what they stand for and what can be expected from them. Participants will gain a clearer sense of who they are as a leader, and how to integrate the core principles learned in this program into authentic daily practices that can be sustained long into the future.


Interested in registering yourself, or just a few managers instead of a full group? Open enrollment programs will be available soon. Join the waitlist to gain first access to registration.